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From ListBox

Migrating from a .NET ListBox to using NextGrid consists of two parts.

The first thing to do is to replace ListBox by a NextGrid in the Visual Studio Designer. The second part is off-course making the code work as the .NET ListBox and NextGrid share a lot but still work differently.

Part 1 - Designer

The first part is mostly a matter of dropping a NextGrid onto a form containing the ListBox to convert and set the ListBoxConverter property of the NextGrid to the ListBox to convert.

NextGrid will automatically create a single nxTextColumn. ListBoxColumn. After conversion the property is cleared (as conversion normally is performed only once).

So a ListBox looking like:

will be recreated by NextGrid as:

Basic properties like Width are transferred during the conversion.

Part 2 - Coding

The main difference between ListBox and NextGrid is that each cell in NextGrid is an Object that can be accessed through the nxGridCell value property. Also events and methods are different as ListBox is just a flat list of items where NextGrid uses a tree for all it's data even when it is just displaying a flat list.

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