Library Vcl NextSuite 6 NextGrid6 Reference Classes TNxGridView6


Ancestor (base) class of all grid views capable to show Grid's data, and react on user input.

NxGridView6.pas (Sources\Next Grid)


ColumnMovingSpecifies whether a user can reorder columns by clicking and dragging column's header.
EnabledSpecifies whether the view will react on user interaction (mouse, keyboard inputs).
FixedColCountNumber of columns to be locked (horizontally non-scrollable) to the left side of a view.
GridLinesShows or hides border lines around cells.
HeaderHeightVertical size of header area.


OnActivateCalled when a view is set as single visible and interactive view by ActiveView property of the grid.
OnGetCellColorCalled when background of a cell need to be filled out and color is being selected.
OnGetCellGridCalled when border around single cell is set to be drawn.
OnColumnMoveDropCalled after user have finished dragging column into a new position.
OnColumnMoveOverCalled while user is dragging column.
OnHeaderMouseDownCalled on user press mouse down over column header.

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