Library Vcl NextSuite 6 NextGrid6 Reference Classes TNxCustomGrid6


Unit NxCustomGrid6.pas (Sources\Next Grid)

Descendants: TNextGrid6, TNextDBGrid6



InplaceEditReference to currently active in-place editor component.
SelectedRowSpecifies index of currently selected row.


ActiveViewCurrently visible and interactive grid view.
ActiveViewIndexSpecifies index of currently active view.
AlternatingRowColorSpecifies background color for alternating (even) rows.
AlternatingRowColorOptionsSpecifies options for AlternatingRowColor
AppearanceOptionsSet of options used for controlling appearance of the grid.
InsertSelectedSpecifies whether the insert row is selected.
OptionsSpecifies main options (flags) used by NextGrid.
RangeSelectUser can include/exclude rows within selection rectangle.
RangeSelectAlphaTransparency level for range selection.
RowCountTotal number of rows in grid. The property includes both visible, hidden and collapsed rows.


AssignEditingAssign value from InplaceEdit back to cell being edited, but don't exit from edit mode.
BeginUpdatePostpone updates such as grid repainting, scrollbar recalculating until EndUpdate method is called.
EditCellTry to edit cell with specified column and row index.
EndEditingEnd editing and optionally assign value from InplaceEdit back to cell being edited.
EndUpdateDecrease UpdateCount. If UpdateCount is 0 and Update parameter is True, all postponed updates will be processed.
RecalculateRecalculate all columns formulas.
SelectAllSelects all rows in the grid by setting Selected array property to True for all rows.
SelectCellTry to select cell by specifying column and row index.
SelectFirstSelect first visible row.


OnAcceptEditAn event called after a user finish with editing and value of in-place editor need to be copied back to the cell.
OnAfterEditAn event called after editing is done and new value is copied back from inplace-editor to cell.
OnBeforeEditAn event called before cell and grid enters editing mode. It gives a possibility to block editing before it's started.
OnBeforeSelectAn event called before a new selection is being made.
OnCellClickAn event called after an user click on a cell.
OnCellDblClickAn event called after an user double-click on a cell.
OnCellMouseDownAn event called after an user press a mouse button over a cell.
OnCellMouseEnterAn event called after an user move a mouse pointer to a cell.
OnCellMouseLeaveAn event called after an user move a mouse pointer outside a cell.
OnCustomDrawFooterAn event called while a footer for each column is being drawn.
OnCustomDrawHeaderAn event called while a header for each column is being drawn.
OnDeselectAn event called when a cell have stopped being selected.
OnEditEnterAn event called after an editing is started and inplace editor got focused.
OnEditExitAn event called after an editing is done and the inplace have editor lost focus.
OnMeasureRowHeightAn event that can be used for dynamically setting height of a row.

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