Library Vcl NextSuite 6 NextGrid6 Reference Classes TNxColumn6


Unit NxColumns6.pas (Sources\Next Grid)


AlignmentContent alignment for cells within column.
AutoEditingCell will enter into edit mode as soon user have selected it.
AutoSizeColumn width will be adjusted automatically on grid resize.
ColorStarting background color of cells.
CursorCursor to be visible when the mouse pointer is over column.
DrawingOptionsParts of cells (background, content, custom) to be painted or skipped.
EditingSpecifies if cells in the column will be editable.
HeaderSub-object with properties for configuring header of the column.
InsertingDetermine whether user is editing values inside the InsertRow.
InteractiveSpecifies whether other mouse and keyboard actions can be made on the cell, beside text editing.
SortTypeComparing routine using while sorting (e.g. alphabetic, numeric, date etc.).
ViewObject responsible for drawing and interacting with cells inside a column.


OnDrawBackgroundCalled if custom background need to be drawn.
OnDrawContentCalled if custom content need to be drawn.
OnSetCellCalled before cell in the column is edited.

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