Library Vcl NextSuite 6 NextGrid6 Reference Classes


TNextGrid6NextGrid6 component class.
TNxCell6Base class for all cell types.
TNxCustomGrid6Base class of both NextGrid6 and NextDBGrid6.
TNxColumn6Base class for all columns.
TNxColumnFooterClass for Column's Footer properties.
TNxColumnHeaderClass for Column's Header properties.
TNxColumns6Class used for storing, accessing and managing columns.
TNxColumnPartAscendant class for header and footer classes.
TNxGridSerializationClass that provides methods for saving and loading grid data or structure.
TNxGridView6Base class for all grid views.
TNxReportGridView6Class for table layout grid view.
TNxRow6Class for rows in the grid.
TNxSlideBound6Location and size of cell in SlideView mode.
TNxSlidesGridView6Class for slides (pages) layout grid view.
TNxStacksGridView6GridView that mimics "Large icons" view from File Explorer.

Column types

TNxButtonColumn6Column with TNxButtonEdit as an in-place editor.
TNxChartColumn6Class for Chart column.
TNxCheckBoxColumn6Class for CheckBox column.
TNxComboBoxColumn6Column with combo-box as an editor.
TNxGraphicColumn6Column capable for displaying TGraphic descendants (such as TJPEGImage, TBitmap...)
TNxGridColumn6Column that shows a simple grid.
TNxHTMLColumn6Column capable of displaying a simple HTML.
TNxIconColumn6Icon column that displays an icon from TImageList.
TNxIncrementColumn6Icon column that displays index of row.
TNxListBoxColumn6ListBox column that stores selected index as the value of cell.
TNxListColumn6ComboBox column that stores selected index as the value of cell.
TNxMemoColumn6Column with multi-line editor.
TNxNumberColumn6Column that stores and displays numbers.
TNxProgressColumn6Column that displays progress bar as a value.
TNxRateColumn6Column that can display rating (as stars, or in any image).
TNxTextColumn6Basic text column.
TNxToolbarColumn6Column that contains array of buttons with images.
TNxTreeColumn6Column that can collapse and expand child rows.
TNxTrackBarColumn6Column that shows track-bar that can be used for modifying the value.

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