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CPP Builder

Adding paths

This step only need to be once.

Open RAD Studio and go to:

Tools ⟶ Options... ⟶ Language ⟶ Delphi ⟶ Library

Select Windows 32-bit from Selected Platform combobox. As RAD Studio IDE is 32bit, this step is required for 64-bit version too in order to install components into the IDE.

Add the following paths:

  1. (path)\Sources
  2. (path)\Sources\Design
  3. (path)\Sources\Next Layout
  4. (path)\Sources\Next Layout\Design
  5. (path)\Sources\Next Grid
  6. (path)\Sources\Next DBGrid
  7. (path)\Sources\Next Inspector
  8. (path)\Sources\Next Collection

If you don’t own or need some of the components from the suite, you can omit adding some of the last 4 paths.

64-bit packages

If you want to use components in a 64-bit applications, you need to select 64-bit from same Selected Platform combobox and add run-time only paths.

Building and installing packages

Easiest way of building and installing packages is by opening .groupproj file for your C++ Builder version (e.g. C++ Builder 12.groupproj) that is located under Packages sub-folder.

Building 32-bit packages

Notice: This step is also required for installing 64-bit packages.

After the project group is shown in the IDE, you should nigh-click on every package and chose Build. Make sure that you are building 32-bit Target Platform first.

Installing packages.

Right click on all packages (by following an order) and click Install.

Building 64-bit packages

After all 32bit packages are build and installed. It is required that we switch Target Platform on Run-Time packages we want to use on 64-bit applications.

Design-time packages will still stay 32-bit.

Now is just required to build packages with Target Platform set to Windows 64-bit.

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