Library Vcl NextSuite 6 Releases 6.7.7


Jun 26 2022

Next Collection 6

Several new properties and functionalities into TNxPageControl6 component:

  • added: ActiveTabIndicator property that shows an indicator (e.g. thin line) on currently active tab.
  • added: TabAlignment property that specifies how content (icon and/or text) is aligned horizontally within a single tab.
  • added: TabCursor property to set different TCursor for individual tabs.
  • added: HotImages images used when the mouse pointer is over the tabs (image is specified by the new HotImageIndex property of the page).
  • added: ActiveTabIndicatorColor property that specifies color of the active tab indicator.
  • added: HotTabColor property.
  • added: SeparatorColor property.

Read the Release Article on the website.


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